Suleiman murder: Why did America take such a big risk? What can Iran do?

Guards or IRC spokesman Brigadier General Ramadan Sharif said in a statement: “Iran and America wait for a strong response.”Passim Suleiman was the main man behind Iran trying to expand its military and political influence outside the country.He was the embodiment of the Shi’ite militia groups that now become powerful in countries like Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen.As a result, the ... Read More »

Iran-America: Is Trump breaking international law?

Critics say that President Donald Trump is taking steps and using Iran’s words to violate international law. But he is not the first US president to face such accusations during a war period.Donald Trump’s threat to attack Iran’s cultural establishment has sparked widespread outrage, and his officials have quickly warned that no such talks are taking place.He has previously ordered ... Read More »