When will this woman stop killing in India?

Wanting to know, if there are hundreds of thousands of infants and women raped in India and then beaten, strangled, burned in acid or gasoline or kerosene, then this woman will be killed?

I know there is no answer to this question. So feel free to say – never stop.

No matter how many people take to the streets, candle marches, protestors across the country, no matter how much the country’s leaders and ministers swear to punish the criminals in and out of parliament, this hellish genocide will not stop.

Do not stop, because there is no basic attempt to stop, no initiative. Don’t stop because there is no mindset at the administrative level.

If so, the blood stains of rape and murder of girls do not seem to be such a spill through the news almost daily. If, like the brutal murder of seven years ago, the mass rape and burning of a young veterinarian in Hyderabad on November 27, and in the next few days, numerous incidents of such brutalities like Bihar, Karnataka, Rajasthan (including a 5 year old child) and the nineteen rape-murder were not continuous.

From the bride and the groom, even the ghostly rapture of mass rape and torture could not be seen in the country.

And in front of the Parliament building protesting the killings, ‘why am I not safe in my own India?’ (Which is also the question of millions of Indian women today) – The young woman standing alone in the silence with this poster did not have to be subjected to any kind of abuse by the police.
What is the real number?

It is true that since that time of remembrance, there has been a lot of violence against women, of which rape is one of the most. Official statistics say the average number of rapes registered in the police is 12.

But it is difficult to even guess how many times the actual number is. And it is also true that apart from these two cases of extreme brutality of rape and murder, very few incidents have aroused the anger of the people of this country.

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