Suleiman murder: Why did America take such a big risk? What can Iran do?

Guards or IRC spokesman Brigadier General Ramadan Sharif said in a statement: “Iran and America wait for a strong response.”

Passim Suleiman was the main man behind Iran trying to expand its military and political influence outside the country.

He was the embodiment of the Shi’ite militia groups that now become powerful in countries like Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen.

As a result, the Iranian was the number one target of the United States and Israel for a long time.

Reporters say he planned to assassinate Israel as well as George Bush in the United States and then Barack Obama, but was later persuaded to think of the consequences.

That’s why Joe, a former US vice president and a potential candidate for the Democrats in the upcoming election. Biden expressed deep concern that Donald Trump ‘threw dynamite in an ammo’.

“We may have moved to the gates of a new kind of war in the Middle East,” he says.

The question now is, why did Donald Trump take the risk that his predecessors did not want to take, despite Kasame Soleimani being America’s possibly most dangerous enemy in the Middle East?

The official explanation given by the Pentagon is that Qasim Soleimani was planning an attack on US diplomats and soldiers in Iraq, so those plans were executed before he was killed.

However, President Trump carried out the assassination when the US Congress approved the impeachment against him some time ago, and less than a year after the presidential election.

As a result, opposition Democrats have already begun to see political distrust behind the decision.

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