Iran-US: Donald Trump says Iran “delays” after missile attacks

President Donald Trump has said Iran “seems to have slowed down” after a missile attack on US bases in Iraq.

In a television lecture from the White House, Mr. Trump said no American or Iraqi casualties were killed in the attack on Wednesday morning. The damage has been minimal.

Mr Trump has not threatened to retaliate.

Instead, the US president said if Iran abandons its pursuit of nuclear weapons and, in its words, leaves the path of terror, it is ready to make peace.

Although after the murder of Passim Suleiman, Mr. Trump threatened that if Iran attacks Iran, it will target 12 Iranians.

Mr Trump described Iran’s chances of launching a new attack as “positive”.

“The moment they have given is good for everyone.”

Today he has nothing to do with the kind of military action he was threatening to take against Iran over the past few days. Trump’s voice could not be heard.

However, at the beginning of his brief statement to reporters, Mr. Trump has said he will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons as long as the president of the United States.

He said he would impose new sanctions against Iran, which will remain in effect until ‘Iran changes its course.’ However, he did not say anything about it.

“Many abusive activities in Iran have been endured since that year, and many have not,” he said.

But at the same time, he said, “Iran can be a great country, they have the capability … we should all now try a new deal with Iran so that world security can be enhanced.”

Mr. Obama did not speak about the demands made by Iraq’s parliament to withdraw US troops from Iraq. Trump.

But he said, “America has no need for oil in the Middle East.” At the same time, Mr. Trump said he would tell the NATO alliance to take a greater role in the Middle East.

He again argued for the killing of Qasim Solaimani. Terming the Iranian general killed as a terrorist, Mr Trump said, “His hands were ringing in the blood of thousands of Iranians and Americans.”

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