Iran-America: Is Trump breaking international law?

Critics say that President Donald Trump is taking steps and using Iran’s words to violate international law. But he is not the first US president to face such accusations during a war period.

Donald Trump’s threat to attack Iran’s cultural establishment has sparked widespread outrage, and his officials have quickly warned that no such talks are taking place.

He has previously ordered the assassination of one of Iran’s most important generals.

Under international law, a government can take such action only if it is for self-defense. US officials claim they did this to prevent future attacks.

However, Agnes Calamari, Special Reporter for UN extra-judicial killings, disagreed with the statement. He said in a tweet that the attack did not fall within the UN Charter.

He praised Special Operations Chief Edward Arranger, a “tough guy” for US military personnel who have been accused of war crimes.

Where Donald Trump talks about military personnel and campaigns, the ambiguity of the law is unclear in the eyes of the law.

An attack on a cultural establishment such as the Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property violates international agreements. But he defended his statement, saying that the opposition commanders were acting in an illegal way, so America should do the same.

“We are being tortured by our people and we cannot touch their cultural setting,” he told reporters. This is not the case. ”

He has even surprised senior US officials by rejecting international law. “I am absolutely certain that our President, Commander in Chief, will not make any such illegal orders,” said US Defense Secretary Mark Aspen.

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