India Citizenship Act: Why Indian protesters are banning the constitution

For more than a month, men and women across India, young and old, have been protesting against the new citizenship law on roads and university campuses, which they deem discriminatory.

There they are praising the constitution, where justice, equality and brotherhood are spoken of as fundamental elements of the state.

In this comprehensive reading of the Constitution, a subject has come out. That is, they are more closely related to the issue than the ordinary people seem to be to the Constitution.

Most people think that outside the ordinary classroom, people do not have a way with the constitution.

The Constitution of India, written for four years, is one of the largest establishment documents in the world.

This document, which controls more than one billion people, is followed in all major religions – the most enduring document in the colonial North.

This document has 5 articles, 12 lists and everything is detailed. In many places the sentence has been used differently to describe it.

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