Increase in match fee of cricketers: Musharraf will get six lakes in one Test, how many Kohl?

India’s Test captain Virat Kohli has played three matches in a home-ground series against South Africa in 27 matches at a cost of Rs.

This means that the best batsman in the world has received over 2.5 million rupees per match.

Cheteshwar Pujara got a little over Rs 2 lakh per match.

But in this case Australian cricketers have no grade. All the players contracted receive the same match fee

Aaron Finch played a Test match for 25,000 Australian dollars. In today’s market, the amount of money which stands at Tk.

In the same way, Australian cricketers play a one-day match for 5,000 Australian dollars or about five and a half million rupees.

Get the T20I for 5 thousand Australian dollars or 4 lakh 5 thousand.

Pakistan is lagging behind. Pakistan cricketers get four lakh rupees in Test matches, Rs 3 lakh in ODIs and T20,000 in T20 matches.

Movement of cricketers at different times

Cricketers have protested at various times demanding pay and benefits.

Notable among them is the movement of Australian cricketers.

Cricket Australia has a dispute with Australian cricketers in the 21st.

Where cricketers want a share of revenue as well as revenue.

The two sides subsequently agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding.

Australian cricketers also received a share of the board’s income from then on.

One of the demands of that movement was to give women cricketers equal opportunities for male cricketers.

Cricket Australia subsequently increased the participation of at least five women on their board committees and the salary allowance of women cricketers.

On October 25, Bangladesh cricketers called for a similar strike.

Striking Bangladeshi cricketers, like Australian cricketers, want a share of the board’s revenue.

Mustafizur Rahman Khan, a lawyer for the Supreme Court, presented the claim at a press conference as a spokesman for professional cricketers.

One of these claims was the formation of the Association of Professional Cricketers. The salary claim that one of the new female cricketers receives is equal to that of the male team members.

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