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About Beko

Welcome to the world of Beko

Our story starts in 1955, as white goods were just becoming a fixture in every household. Since then, we’ve grown into Europe’s favourite freestanding home appliance brand.


Over the past two decades, we’ve focused on innovation to make our customers’ lives more convenient and healthier. The ease of use and practical technologies of our products has made us the fastest growing brand in the European market.

Satisfied customers

We’ve built on our 60 years of experience and innovation, which led to...


Committed employees


Countries served


Global Factories




Our purpose

Our aim is to empower new generations to live healthier. We focus on developing products that inspire a healthy lifestyle, from nutrient-saving kitchen appliances, to refrigerators that preserve food better for longer. Our products save both time and effort, allowing you to put that time into yourself and your family.


To further our purpose, we have developed sponsorships with the world's leading organizations in the field of health and sports. This allowed us to reach an exclusive know-how and influence to encourage kids and parents to choose a healthy lifestyle.




Our first global initiative


to combat childhood obesity:



By the year 2025, there will be 70 million children in the world, suffering from obesity. Knowing that, we launched a global initiative in 2017 to combat the dramatic rise in the rates of childhood obesity across the globe: Eat Like A Pro.


The #EatLikeAPro campaign is all about how the world’s biggest stars got to where they are by using every health benefit to maximize their performance.

Sponsorships united


under one purpose

We are the proud sponsors of FC Barcelona, Fenerbahce Men’s Basketball Team and the League of Legends European Championship.


Our partnership with UNICEF has made it possible to raise 1 million Euros to be used towards the betterment of children’s eating habits. 


The #EatLikeAPro campaign is all about how the world’s biggest stars got to where they are by using every health benefit to maximize their performance.

EverFresh+® Fridge Freezers
Fruit & veg fresh for up to 30 days
AutoDose Dishwashers
Optimum detergent, efficient cleaning
Washing Machines with LedSpot™
Status indicator light
CleanZone® Ovens
Grease-resistant, easy-to-clean oven glass
Hobs with Direct Access Premium
Clear & simple controls